Social Media and Life

Nowadays, social media has become an important part of many people’s social development. It couldn’t be hard for you to remember the last time you arrange an appointment or join a party with the help of Facebook. Absolutely, social media, besides Facebook, is doing more than just help people engage in activities.  With the development of media, social media plays a variety of roles and has different responsibilities in different situations. Social media is influencing the development of people’s life and the influence is extending.

Social Media and Communication


Without any doubts, social media is one of the simplest ways to reach out with the world. It brings convenience to people when communicating. With the purpose of communicating with people quickly and easily, cyber languages came out and spread among the Internet users. Social media has changed how people communicate . It breaks the rule that one person speaks and one person listens. There could be thousands and millions audiences for a single sentence post by one person. People sharing the same information on social media might have similar interests or characteristics. The point is sharing so it is no longer necessary to build a conversation. People may leave a comment or not. Therefore, you have to pick up information meaningful for yourself and sort out fake information based on your judgment. It could be hard sometimes.

Social Media and Politics


Impact on elections

Politics become more and more transparent to people because of the impact social media has on politics. Once the truth starts to come out, the public could have access to actually engage in political activities and exercise the power of the public. In other words, politics are no longer just about tactics. Bill Clinton might have lost the campaign if social media was popular in 1992. Many of his scandals exposed to the public after the election. Romney doesn’t have the same luck as Clinton does. Even though Romney never had big scandals, social media have always found out and exposed little things (maybe not that little for a future president) about him. It seems that social media could always notice information ahead of mainstream press and information spreads extensively. Bad comments keep fresh and the opponents would love to see that.

Here is a YouTube video that talks about social media in politics.

Voting through Vine

Representative Swalwell voted through Vine, which is an app owned by Twitter, to protest the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act . If more and more people vote like this, the relationship between social media and politics may become closer, which is a good thing for us to see.

Social Media and Economy

Every thing in the world has its own two sides. Social media is not an exception when it comes to economy. The relationship between social media and economy is always a controversial topic.

Social media hurts the economy


Mark Schaefer has a premise  that economy finally improved with the expense of the time spent on the social web. It is not hard to imagine that when people work hard for a better economy, they have less time to read blogs, tweets, or attend a random party threw by a person they do not even really know.

Social media saved the economy

Andy Nathan hold the view that social media is the force that supersedes the economy. Social media companies create a lot of job positions, which has lower the unemployment rate. Social media also change the way people communicate and do business. Social media stimulate the growth of economy. Ads on social media websites like Facebook are a large part of the revenue.

Helping or hurting?

If you ask me the question social media is helping or hurting the economy, I would say social media is just a tool or a way to generate the economy. It is hard to find useful information among the over-size Internet. What matters most is that you need to learn how to use it right. Never to forget, social media cannot drive the economy, but people do.



There are reasons why social media prevails so easily and quickly in such a few years without a sign of dropping. Information spread through social media help people entertain somehow. Social media is closely connected with our life. You may get trouble, for example, a social disorder called FOMO(The Fear of Missing Out), if you over use social media. People may feel nervous when they do not touch their phones or updating Facebook, checking e-mails. Social networking has been blamed. I found an FOMO quiz, you could test yourself if you are interested. If you have FOMO, you need to realize that social media has already taken a lot of your time away. I think the most effective way to fight with FOMO is to adjust days without social media. It would be just a few suffering days.

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