Please Drive without Distractions


Please Drive without Distractions



Mobile phones are taking over our life


How often do you use your cell phones? Are you getting tired of your cell phones like I do?  Are you realizing cell phones are taking over your life? If you have not think about these questions yet or you have no idea of them, watch the video on this website and listen to the short radio.


Look! Cell phones are messing everything up even though when people are just walking. Can you imagine how serious accidents would be which using mobile phones when driving causes? Let’s see why this is a problem.



Reasons why drivers need their mobile phones


Using mobile phones 201008230104321465while driving

Of course, mobile phones can be helpful to drivers sometimes. When there is an accident, drivers need a mobile phone to make emergency calls. Also when the car breaks down, the driver needs to call for help. Or drivers may want others to know where they are and when to arrive. However, drivers should not use mobile phones while driving because it is dangerous and illegal.



How can mobile phones be distracting?


There have been a lot of investigations and experiments on this issue and it turns out using mobile phones affects driving behaviours in many ways.


In the experiment It impairs drivers’ detection ability, thus, drivers need more brake reaction time, and hands-free devices or voice controlled interface cannot help remove the safety problem (Lamble, 1999). The reason is that using mobile phones increases heart rate and respiratory rate, which may increase the cognitive demand (Park, 2013). A person using a mobile phone while driving is four times likely to have an accident than a person do not (McEvoy, 2005). Using mobile phones when driving also makes it harder for drivers to keep in lane, predict well, and keep a good distance from the car in front. You cannot control your car well without your full attention.


To sum up, you should not use mobile phones while driving because it affects reaction time which may lead to accidents. When you are using it, you are putting your life and other people’s lives in danger.



Relative laws


屏幕快照 2013-05-30 10.41.40 AM

                                    Hand-hold mobile phones are prohibited


This problem has already drawn the attention of  the department concerned in many countries. Legislations and laws has been implemented.


Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) has stated laws and funds on their website. It shows that different laws are implementing in different regions in the U.S. In some regions, drivers are prohibited from using hand-held cell phones while driving. Some states ban all the cell phone use by novice drivers only or school bus drivers only. Text messaging is often banned by many places.


Let’s see how it is regulated in Canada. We can see from CAA, all 10 provinces have legislations related to cell phone driving. Drivers should be fined by using hand-held phone. 2 provinces ban both the use of hand-held electronic entertainment devices while driving. No Canadian jurisdiction bans drivers from using hands-free cell phones while driving. It also has a website list of laws in different provinces. All of us who drive need to take a look at how it is regulated in the province we live.


Even though usually hands-free devices are not banned, we should know that accidents would not be eliminated because we just free our hands but not our minds.




What should we do while driving


I would recommend do not use your mobile phones at all when you are driving, including voice-to-text devices, Bluetooth headphones. Switch you mobile phones on the “silent” or “meeting” model. Do not let the ring disturb you. If you have to wait for some important calls, you should stop the car and then answer the phone. If you call somebody who is driving, you should tell them you will call them back or wait until the driver stop the car.






Mobile phones can affect drivers’ behavior in many ways. According to laws in many regions, drivers can never use hand-held mobile phones when driving. For driving safety concerns, hands-free devices should also be avoided. Drivers should concentrate on driving other than phone calls or texts. Remember, You are four times more likely to have a crash if you use a mobile phone when you are driving, so please do not drive with distractions.





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